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Applying StressFreed processing to work and business situations

Suppose you were at a workplace and an argument erupted between you and a co-worker (or boss or underling) that caused rancor between them and you. This "bad blood" situation, if left unhandled, could keep cropping up again and again, as it could with any relationship - whether business or personal. Eventually the work situation could become almost unbearable and productivity and job status could eventually suffer. In the case of any bad feelings you may have toward a clients or the public, that could pose a potentially serious threat to the business and to your personal earning power.

Many people complain about their work place. A lot of the dissatisfaction with work has to do with other people one associates with on the job. StressFreed processing applied to workplace situations can make going to work a far more desirable experience. It can help to neutralize trauma and/or mini-traumas and the stress one has accumulated in that work environment. Some clients have even noticed that the current problem or stress may even have a similarity to upsets from previous work environments.


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