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If you have more questions about StressFreed processing or would like to schedule a session, delivered by telephone or Skype, send an e-mail to the attention of A. Elaine Henwood, PhD at: StressFreed@gmail.com

Why get StressFreed processing in the first place?

How many people do not have to deal with some personal issues? Fifty percent of marriages end with divorce. Everybody runs across trials and tribulations in life. Some are more able to hide them than others, but we all have or have had them.

Every now and then, we could all benefit by having someone who is able to really listen and hear us when we need to talk about our problems. However, the average person is not qualified to listen dispassionately, understand, and point one in the correct direction to resolve the problems. The processee needs to be able to place their trust in the person listening and facilitating. This cannot be done with just anyone. There could be negative risks even with trustworthy friends who simply lack the training to truly help you resolve the situations presented, though admittedly, a friend simply listening to another can often be of great benefit and is highly encouraged.

StressFreed session facilitators are trained to listen effectively, remain neutral in attitude, and direct the processee in a direction that will be most beneficial to the processee. StressFreed session facilitators are trained and do not interfere with the processee's self-determination and his process of self-realization. Getting emotionally involved, lecturing to, forming conclusions about the processee, expressing conclusions thus stifling the processee's own independent conclusions, making them wrong for what they says, and arguing with them, all take away from the effectiveness of the process of StressFreed. Strict confidentiality is also of the utmost importance and maintained by the StressFreed facilitator. Many years of developing the correct procedures have gone into creating effective StressFreed processing.


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