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If you have more questions about StressFreed processing or would like to schedule a session, delivered by telephone or Skype, send an e-mail to the attention of A. Elaine Henwood, PhD at: StressFreed@gmail.com

Who can benefit from StressFreed processing?

StressFreed processing is for the normal and able person who wants to better their condition by cleaning up the stumbling blocks that may be in the road to a happy and successful life. Ones job or environment can be emotionally stressful and you may want a means to better cope with that stress. Those who could benefit from StressFreed processing include the policeman, the business executive, the salesperson, the office worker, the factory or warehouse worker, the student - especially during teen years, the psychotherapist, the athlete, the social worker, the housewife, the lawyer, the surgeon, the teacher, the air traffic controller, and many other people from all walks of life. We all experience some form of stress.

StressFreed facilitators do not normally give sessions to clinically insane or those classed as mentally ill. Clients are expected to receive sessions on their own determination. Receiving StressFreed processing is similar in some ways to doing a dietary body cleanse in order to remove the toxins that almost inevitably accumulate in the body after a lifetime of living in a modern, chemical-laden environment. StressFreed processing is as much about rejuvenation of the mind as a body cleanse is about rejuvenation of the body. In fact, StressFreed processing could properly be alternately named emotional cleansing.


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