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What is a trauma?

A trauma is a moment in time where a person has received a sudden physical or emotional blow that they were not able or willing to completely tolerate. Because of this, it becomes buried in the mind where the contents can later act as a post-hypnotic suggestion and cause unwanted effects to the person. A trauma could be roughly compared to a foreign object to the body, like a piece of shrapnel, a parasite, or a virus, where the body cannot assimilate it, but may accommodate its presence indefinitely. A trauma could also be properly called a toxic memory. In StressFreed processing, we are concerned with releasing these toxic memories and getting rid of the effects of trauma and stress. We will help you address the source of the problem and not just address the effects. We will help you do both.

Examples of extreme trauma include auto and other accidents; sports injuries; loss of a loved one or a favorite pet through death or departure; loss of one's job or occupation; public humiliation; divorce; loss of home or other possessions, violent experiences such as war; child abuse, physical and/or emotional abuse, sexual assault, muggings, rape, armed robberies, and other violent crimes. Other less violent trauma, including moments of embarrassment, rejection, shame, regret, self doubt, and other emotional upsets, can also bring about a major and long lasting impact on your life. Some of these would qualify as mini-traumas, yet still damaging to your emotional balance. They may be much less traumatic, but they usually occur far more frequently.

At times, these "mini-traumas" may also turn out to be at least as significant as the more obvious traumas. Some other events that tend to increase stress such as a "mid-life crisis" or menopause may fall somewhere in between. There are seasonal and holiday stresses. A lack of sunlight in winter has a depressing effect on many individuals. Each case is individual as to a person's response to the environment and events taking place in the daily life.

Traumas (and mini-traumas) are not restricted to things done to one by others. Chronic feelings of guilt, for instance, can result from being a cause of others' suffering, whether witting or unwittingly. This may be something like accidentally hitting and injuring a pedestrian, an animal or another car and injuring other people. Chronic feelings of insecurity can result from such things as parents fighting during childhood. Recurring symptoms of illness can stem from such things as your own desire for illness during your school years as a means to escape the classroom. Trauma can also be caused by doing things to others, others doing things to others, and doing things to oneself. In addition, one can be traumatized by failing to do what you feels you should have, such as reconcile differences with a now-departed loved one.


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