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If you have more questions about StressFreed processing or would like to schedule a session, delivered by telephone or Skype, send an e-mail to the attention of A. Elaine Henwood, PhD at: StressFreed@gmail.com

A selection of unsolicited success messages from our clients

I noticed that I am stopping to consider before I react and I consider the concepts of love, understanding, and forgiveness and don't feel the need to react. - C.P. (Ontario, Canada)Thank you for your work so far. It has been fun. - F.F. (Toulouse, France)Thank you. You give me space to see and formulate. - J.S. (Brazil)
Things are different, for one thing, my stomach is not in a knot. I'm intrigued. Thank you much. - S.S. (Licensed Psychotherapist, N.Y. City)Thank you for finding time for me. I appreciate your talents and help. - M.A. (San Francisco, Ca.)I could see some improvement in the "out of sorts" feeling in A.M. Thanks very much. - Dr. N.H. (Orlando, Fl.)
After our session, I had a long talk with the person who referred me. He's always asking, "Is it permanent?" Thanks again for the session - it was great." - N.T. (Licensed Psychotherapist, Northern Ca.)As ever, many thanks for all. - J.E. (Albuquerque, N.M.)Many thanks for a GREAT 1st session. Looking forward to lots more over the months ahead. And who knows, maybe we will meet? Best - D.H. (Melbourne, Australia)
I am really impressed. It's like it's available as an option, with enough space to choose the most resourceful option. - M.F. (Illinois)Sorry for the delay. P.S. I feel great. - T.H. (New York City)Thanks again for your unending conscientiousness, patience and endurance. The objectives we did recently were very helpful. - J.W. (Cleveland, Ohio)
Thank you so very much! I have not had a panic attack in 6 mos. since we had our session. I suffered daily after the Northridge earthquake and now, thanks to you and your treatment I am free of the fears. Gratefully - C.L. (Thousand Oaks, Ca)Thank you for your patience. And especially thank you for the part you played in helping me get well. - D.M. (Lowell, MA)We sure got rid of lots of old baggage and I feel so much lighter not having to carry all that stuff around with me any more! - E.E. (New Jersey)
Our session today gave me a deeper appreciation for what my wife felt back then. This has now shift my energy and I feel more present. - P.N. (Santa Barbara, CA)In the last few years fear is the word I've most often used to describe my basic state of being. I did life-changing work with you and can never thank you enough. - E.E. (Caracas, Venezuela)Thank you for your helping hand when I really needed it. - C.R. (Chico, CA)



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