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Stress, trauma, and unwanted conditions

Emotional stress is normally brought on by mini-traumas. It is well known that there is a connection between stress and such ailments as ulcers, heart problems and high blood pressure, to name a few. One figure estimates that 70% of physical ailments are psychosomatic in origin. A familiar and readily observable pattern here is: emotional stress causing negative emotional feelings; prolonged emotional stress leading to repeated or lasting negative emotional feelings (moodiness); long-term emotional stress leading to physical deterioration.

The best approach is to take advantage of StressFreed processing in that period immediately following a traumatic experience or when you become aware of increased stress. It is, of course, best if you can catch this prior to where physical deterioration begins to take its toll.

Relationships, whether personal or business, should not be allowed to get to the point where they negatively affect one's emotional or physical health. StressFreed processing provides the necessary emotional cleansing to keep one's slate clean and one's life focused on creating a healthy and happy future.


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