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If you have more questions about StressFreed processing or would like to schedule a session, delivered by telephone or Skype, send an e-mail to the attention of A. Elaine Henwood, PhD at: StressFreed@gmail.com

What is StressFreed?

StressFreed is a set of techniques which neutralize the emotionally and physically painful effects of trauma. It is based largely on the idea of regression therapy, but with no need for hypnosis as a means of approaching or resolving the trauma. In fact, hypnosis is not the best method for dealing with past trauma since the person in a trance is not fully in control of his/her faculties. The modern method of non-hypnotic style (fully awake) regression is easy, safe, and highly effective in resolving traumatic experiences of various types. This may including relationship and family situations as well as workplace or professional situations.

StressFreed processing is done entirely in a session environment. One need not, for instance, return to a war zone in order to eradicate haunting memories of war. Similarly, a mugging victim need not directly confront his or her attacker in order to neutralize the trauma of the attack.

StressFreed processing works by using the safe and natural method of simply reversing the process by which one receives the trauma. There seems to be a general but erroneous agreement that while a traumatic memory can be brought about which can thereafter persist and adversely affect one's life, its creation cannot be consciously reversed. By what rule of logic is this true? Admittedly, receiving a trauma is simpler than neutralizing one, since the former can be done haphazardly while the latter must be done deliberately and in the correct way. However, now that the methods have been pioneered by which trauma can successfully be neutralized, there is no longer any reason to continue to suffer as a result of them, or have to "learn to live with them". No longer does one have to concede to a trauma, thinking "I have to live with the pain of this memory every day, and I'll have to do so for the rest of my life". To think that breakthroughs can only occur in the mechanical realm (like computer technology, for instance) and not in the humanistic realm is folly.


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