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Applying StressFreed processing to relationships and family situations

At one time or another, many of us have experienced clashes with the spouse, the significant other, our children, other family members, even friends and neighbors. These mini-traumas tend to have a cumulative effect on these relationships. The upsets may even happen over and over again and a pattern seems to develop. Behind these mini-traumas there may be a link to a major trauma of a similar nature in the past or even in childhood. The upsets and stress can set the stage for later patterns of reactive behavior within our self. We may even see this reactive behavior in others around us. StressFreed processing can help clean up these past relationship traumas and help the processee learn to control stress in the present. The processee can learn control over present situations by cleaning up traumas in their past. This will increase your ability to handle present situations as they arise. You become more self-determined and in charge of your own life. You can move away from a reactive life and, instead, have a healthier and happier active life.

Bad feelings don't have to accumulate to a boiling point. Relationships can start anew, even if they appear irreparable at the time. Your family and other relationships don't have to continue in a constant state of submerged feelings of resentment, anger, fear, or other undesirable conditions. You need never again consider your relationships to be "damaged goods" simply on the basis of past events. If you are to live life, why not live it to the fullest?


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