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What kinds of unwanted effects can be produced by trauma?

Emotional effects of trauma can include anxiety, painful memories, hopelessness, dependencies, fixed attitudes, stress, worries, sadness, repressions, shyness, hostilities, anger, rage, fear, tension, emotional hurt, compulsions, depression, inabilities, regret, guilt, and a myriad of other conditions.

Trauma can have a major effect on your physical state including such conditions as chronic fatigue, amnesia, heart problems, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and many other physical disabilities and ailments.

StressFreed processing itself does not cure any of these conditions, nor does it replace necessary medical treatment. The natural direction of a human being is toward health and sanity. What StressFreed processing does is to remove the obstructions that might stand in the way of the body and mind healing itself of the effects of toxic memories, and subsequently experiencing recovery.

In any case, unresolved trauma adds up to dead weight a person carries around in their mind. Even if they forgets about past traumatic events, the influence will still be there as a drag on life in one capacity or another. After a person is used to carrying this weight around and even reacting irrationally, you may hear them say, "Well, this is just the way I am." Or, you may hear, "Ive been this way all my life and I am not about to change." The release of this stress and reactiveness due to past trauma can make that person feel instantly lighter and freer, a new person.


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