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If you have more questions about StressFreed processing or would like to schedule a session, delivered by telephone or Skype, send an e-mail to the attention of A. Elaine Henwood, PhD at: StressFreed@gmail.com

How does StressFreed processing differ from the average trauma counseling?

StressFreed processing is part of a relatively new form of delivering a session and developed over the past 30 years. The processing is the application of releasing and freeing techniques, and is another word for facilitating. Processing could come under the general heading of facilitating but it is a specialized kind of facilitating where the processor (facilitator) does not "psychoanalyze" the processee (client) or tell them what or how they should think, but rather guides them toward finding their own answers that are real to them. It has been found that to evaluate for the processee will tend to cause a dampening effect on their own cognitive skills. One major secret to the success of StressFreed processing is the fact of allowing the processee to cognize about their own case without evaluation by the processor, thus increasing a sense of self determination and a true understanding of themself. In fact, StressFreed processing could be called assisted self-realization.

With StressFreed processing, the goal is not for the processee to gain the ability to be able to live with their toxic memories. Stress Free processing is not to get the processee to "forgive" someone or "let go of" or "put it behind you and forget" something, only to have the memory, along with its unwanted feelings, creep back at a later date. Burying the trauma is not the answer either. The goal of StressFreed processing is to totally eradicate the unwanted effects of trauma by transmuting the trauma into the standard memory it should have been all along. This is a fairly new direction for any stress and trauma related processing.

StressFreed sessions are based on resolution rather than time, as is the usual one-hour-appointment sessions. A StressFreed session typically lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The facilitated session ends on a positive, uplifting note. We want the processee feeling freer and less stressed than when they started. The trauma and accompanying unwanted condition is often lessened or even resolved in a session or moving toward that resolve and release with a series of sessions addressing a particular issue or condition.

StressFreed sessions do not meander aimlessly, but focus directly on the resolution of the trauma(s) that may be behind an unwanted condition effecting the processee's physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well being. StressFreed sessions are standard and predictable in their results


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