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The anatomy of trauma

A trauma starts when an event happens too rapidly for the person experiencing it to easily assimilate the occurrence. The entire event does get recorded on a certain part of the memory bank often referred to as the subconscious mind. Along with the pain, this event is recorded subconsciously and contains all the perceptions of the traumatic event. Because of this association between the pain and those perceptions, just the re-experiencing of those perceptions, later on in life, can bring on feelings of similar pain and/or painful emotions along with it.

This is actually a primitive defense mechanism of bodies that is intended to teach them not to go near the source of past pain as it may mean death. This kind of knee-jerk reaction mechanism that may have had survival value during evolutionary periods of the body, is no longer useful since it now adds to trauma and stress to the person. In modern society, human intelligence is more than adequate to replace that mechanism. A person is ALWAYS better off without these trigger mechanisms and can handle situations far better with intelligent judgment than with automatic responses. In fact, reaction time to emergencies is not reduced in the slightest by removing past trauma. A person can always instantaneously remove their hand from a hot stove, for instance, whether they have had a trauma connected with it or not. But with the trauma removed from their subconscious mind, the person, while still having a healthy respect for stoves, will not be irrationally afraid of them.

In essence, a StressFreed session is a systematic way of uncovering and releasing the pain and hidden suggestions buried in the subconscious part of the mind, thus restoring to the person the freedoms the trauma took away by imposing restrictions on your behavior.


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